Life throws a lots of curve balls at you and as you adapt and deal with challenges you learn and grow.

Over the past two years, work got to be really challenging and my dad's health slowly deteriorated. I had a choice look to get a new job and limit the time I can spend visiting my parents or find other avenues for income and just spend less so I could try to make ends meet. 

This resulted in me selling items that were at my parent's house that nobody wanted, thrifting and continuing to sell various printable products online. While my parents aren't hoarders, my dad kept and acquired a lot of items that ranged from magazines saved for research projects, items that looked neat and interesting, posters,  interesting, items that reminded him of his childhood, and things that could be used later for a home improvement, or was related to his many hobbies. 

To save that there was always something interesting at our house would be an understatement, but recently my dad passed away and in order to help my mom, I have taken on the task to be the curator and organizer of these things. The task is quite daunting but I continue to make progress.

Little by little I am becoming educated about unique items in the house and how to sell, dispose or just move them on. I have become pretty good at identifying items of value and have had some people that know me to assist them with helping them de-clutter, sell and get better organized.

I hope to share with you tips, ideas and ways to move things on. I will also share with you challenges and frustrations, all I know is that I cannot be the only one who is going through this and if I can help someone else going through the same thing that is a blessing. 

The Super-Seek blog will be about thrifting, family items, inheritances, and dealing hoarding, de-cluttering, why we keep things, and ideas for getting rid of items you are ready to let go. 

This site is going to be about my personal journey and I hope my experience and knowledge with help you in your own situation. 




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