What’s Your 1970s Slurpee Cup Worth? Slurpee Cup Values

In honor of 7-Eleven day, we decide to look at one of America’s favorite beverages the Slurpee. Millions of these frosty beverages have been serve and many have endured a Slurpee brain freeze.

While Slurpee has had a standard cups over the years, they also have created over a 1,000 different cups that highlighted sports stars, musicians, endangered animals, movies, video games, then WWF and many more. While many of these cups were used and then recycled or tossed in the trash, millions were saved as part of a Slurpee collectibles series or special promotion and sit in homes around the country waiting to be rediscovered. Because there have been so many special cups issued by 7-11 we have decided to break down the cups value guide by decade. Because we wanted to get this page live and share the information, this page will be a work in progress for a few weeks. 

This Slurpee cup price guide is an estimate of the value of the special collection cups and promotional cups offered to people purchasing Slurpees at 7-Eleven.

The prices are estimates of the value if you sold the cup on eBay. For collections we share what the average cup sells for, but know that specific cups in the a particular collection can sometimes sell for more. Please know that Slurpee cup collectible values fluctuate over time and that this is price guide estimate from Summer 2023.

It is estimated that 7-Eleven sells around 14-15 million Slurpees a month and since the inception of the Slurpee back in 1966 they have sold around 8.85 billion Slurpees! (July 2023) That is a ton of Slurpees and billions of cups.

Enough about Slurpees facts and trivia lets start reviewing Slurpee Cup Values.
• Slurpee Cup value guide are estimates and for cup sold in the US markets.
• Over the next 1-3 years we expect cup prices to remain relatively steady, with gaming / gaming related cups from after 2000 showing the most upside potential.

We may earn a commission from links on this page, but those links also allow you to view current pricing and values of collectible Slurpee cups.  

1970s Slurpee Cup Collections and Values

1972 Baseball Player Slurpee Cups – 60 Cup Set
Slurpee Tradin Cups Baseball Checklist 1972

Large lots of Slurpee baseball cups can sell on eBay for $100 – $300 and you often find multiple years (’72 and ’73) mixed together. The ’72 cups have player and team name aligned to the left, whereas ’73 cups have the name and team centered.
Average Cost Per Cup $3-$6.
Star Baseball Player Slurpee Cups $8-15.

1972 Football Slurpee Cups – 60 Cups
1970s Slurpee Football Players CupsLarge lots of these cups can selling for hundreds of dollars but the price per cups tends to be very affordable for 50 years old.
Average Cost Per Cup $4-$7
Star Football Player Cups $10-18

1972-73 Basketball Slurpee Cups – 40 Cups
1972 1973 Basketball Slurpee Cups
The Slurpee Tradin Cups for basketball tend to have a higher value then the other sports. Not sure if there was less interest or less supply, but if you saved or collected these cups they are worth a little more.
Average Cost Per Cup $7-$10
Star Basketball Player Cups $12-20

1973 Baseball Player Slurpee Cups – 80 Cups
1973 Slurpee Baseball Checklist Baseball

Slurpee Cup 1973 Baseball Player Collection 80 Cups

This is another huge Slurpee Cup collection that is priced the same as 1972 baseball cups, often cup lots for sale include both years.
Average Cost Per Cup $3-$6
Star Baseball Player Cups $8-15

1973 Football Player Slurpee Cups – 80 Cups
1973 Football Player Tradin Cups Slurpee Checklist

Another giant Slurpee set, it makes me wonder how any kid could collect all of these plastic cups and how many brain freezes did they have to endure! lol
Average Cost Per Cup $4-$7
Star Football Player Cups $10-18

1973 DC Comics Super Hero Cups – 60 Cups
1973 DC Comics Slurpee 60 Cup Checklist

Cups 1973 Slurpee Cups DC Comics 60 Cups
The DC Comics Slurpee cup collection was the first foray into super hero / comic cups. The cups were pretty basic and lacked action. Plus there were some questionable as they were comic characters and not super heroes. Large lot sales on eBay often result in cost per cup averages to be $5-6, however we have seen single cups sell for more because each person has there own fan favorite we have seen Super Girl sell for over $15 recently.
Average Cost Per Cup $5-$8
Popular Fan Favorite Cups $9-18

1973 Wild West Slurpee Cup Collection
1973 Wild West Slurpee Cups
The 7-11 Wild West Slurpee Cup Collection came out in ’73 and featured adventurers, criminals, Native Americans, military and those who made a name for themselves in the Wild West. The photo features cups of John Fremont, Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Pat Garrett, Buffalo Bill Cody, Sundance Kid, Jesse James, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Davy Crockett, Butch Cassidy and Jim Bridger. Additional cups in the collection include Red Cloud, Kicking Bird, Doc Holliday, Crazy Horse and more. The set size appears to be between 30-50 cups.
Average Cost Per Cup $4-$9
Select Wild West Cups $10-24

1973-74 WHA (World Hockey Association) – 20 Cups
1973 74 WHA Hockey Slurpee CupsThere don’t seem to be a lot of WHA Slurpee cups out there and since it was not the NHL (which several WHA teams later joins the NHL) it may not have been embraced 7-Eleven customers. However while there are fewer for sale they do command a higher average price, the down side is there is not much demand for the cups so it takes a while to sell them.
Average Cost Per Cup $10-$15
Star Hockey Player Cups $15-25

1973-1974 Endangered Species Slurpee Cups
Endangered Species Animal Slurpee Cups
The 7-11 Endangered Species cups were launched in late 1973 or 1974. Some funds from the sale of these Slurpee cups helped purchase bald eagle habitat, which has become known as Carl E. Mundt national Wildlife Preserve. I do not have an exact number of cups for this series but estimate that it was 44-60 different cups (I have seen a lot with 44 different cups). Animals included Mountain Gorilla, Eastern Cougar, Texas Blind Salamander, Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel, Galapagos Tortoise, Tiger, Fish, Birds and more.
Average Cost Per Cup $1-$5
Unique Animal Cups in Excellent Condition may go for $5-12

1975 Marvel Comics Series – 60 Cups
Slurpee Marvel Superhero Cups ChecklistCups Marvel Comics Slurpee Cups 1975
The 1975 Marvel comic cups made the ’73 DC Comics cups look boring and bland. Instead of just a person stand on the cup, these Marvel cups had bold lettering, and action oriented poses.
Average Cost Per Cup $4-$8
Fan Favorites Cups in Excellent Shape $10-24
• Black Panther – First Marketing Item – $15-25
• Red Sonja – $$18-25
• Super Stan – The Stan Lee Cup – $25-50

1975 JAWS Slurpee Cups
Cups Jaws 1975 Slurpee Cup Value
JAWS was Steven Spielberg’s 1975 summer movie blockbuster that gave us the catchphrase “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” That summer people were avoiding heading into the water at the beach (true); but that didn’t stop them from heading to 7-11 to get terrifying JAWS Slurpee cups! Because there was just one Slurpee cup design, the cups condition significantly impacts the value.
Excellent and Near Mint JAWS Cups – $15-25

1975 Musician Slurpee Cups – 7-11 Rock Cups
Cups Musicians Slurpee Cups Series 1975 Rock Cups

I am pretty sure the 7-11 musician / music / rock cups came out in 1975, but it might have been 1976. While 7-11 labelled this as rock, very few were rock. Here is a sample of cups from this collection Paul Williams, Neil Sedaka, Anne Murray, BTO, Peter Frampton, Grand Funk, Loggins and Messina, Johnny Mathis, June Carter, The Spinners, Donny Osmond, mac Davis, Charlie Rich, Rick Wakeman, Freddy Fender, Ray Stevens, Leon Russell, and more.

These Slurpee Cups don’t come up for sale very often, and do not have the same demand as sports or super heroes which makes them harder to value. Two Leon Russell cups, in separate eBay listings, sold for over $40 each in the Spring of 2023. 
Average Cost Per Cup $8-$12
Unique Artist Cups in Excellent or Mint Condition –  $15-40

1977 Marvel Panoramic Super Hero Slurpee Cups – 40 Cups
This Marvel Slurpee cup set brought the comics to life with bold images that wrapped around the cup. Although there were fewer cups in this set then the 75 Marvel these are visually the best super hero Slurpee cups of the 1970s.
Average Cost Per Cup $4-$8
Fan Favorites Cups in Excellent / Mint Shape $10-24


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